Bitstamp Exchange Markets & Trading Volume

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Exchange NameBitstamp
Volume (24H)$129,410,151.73
12,773.10 BTC
Coins Support0
Trading Pairs0
Alexa Rank12554
Top CountryUnited States

More Info About Exchange

Our goal is to provide reliable easy to use service for companies and individuals to exchange bitcoins. We have been setting standards for Compliance with leading examples of best practice. We give transparency in volume-based pricing with no hidden fees with 98% of digital funds stored offline, subject to yearly audit by one of the Big Four.

Markets / Trading Pairs

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Exchange Twitter Feed

DID YOU KNOW: In 2010, a Bitcoin developer made the Bitcoin Faucet – a website that gave away 5 BTC to each visitor for free. Even though the website is long gone, it remains one of the legendary projects that helped kickstart Bitcoin. Thanks, @gavinandresen! #WednesdayWisdom πŸ’‘

DID YOU KNOW: Over 633 developers have already contributed code to Bitcoin Core. Since development moved to GitHub in August 2009, the top 5 most active (by # of commits) have been @orionwl, @pwuille, @MarcoFalke, @TheBlueMatt and Cory Fields. Thank you all! #WednesdayWisdom πŸ’‘

DID YOU KNOW: Bitcoin hash rate is at an all time high. Miners are now performing more than 9 times as many calculations per second as there are grains of sand on Earth (around 79 quintillion hashes per second). #WednesdayWisdom πŸ’‘

BULLISH: The 50MA crossed above the 200MA on the 3-day BTC/USD chart, forming a so-called golden cross. The last time this happened was in February 2016.

DID YOU KNOW: The Bitcoin blockchain is growing by hundreds of MB every day (it’s currently at ~230 GB). However, downloading and syncing a full node is actually becoming faster, rather than slowing down. This is thanks to numerous client optimizations. #WednesdayWisdom πŸ’‘

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NamePriceChanges 24H
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