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Top 20 Cryptocurrency Startups To Watch

The cryptocurrency market is seeing a boom in new companies. We’re taking you through some of the top 20 cryptocurrency startups worth keeping an eye on. Read on to see if you find any that strike your fancy.

1. FilmCoin

FilmCoin is a blockchain-powered film creation and television production cryptocurrency that unites the film and television industry with the world of digital assets, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and decentralized finance.

2. Tether

Tether was issued on the bitcoin blockchain with a currency fixed to the US dollar so that traders can transfer funds easily and without risk. Each Tether is worth the same amount as its corresponding currency, e.g., 1USDT is worth 1USD. The conversion rate is 100%, so 1USDT = 1USD.

3. Solana

Solana is a new, scalable blockchain architecture that achieves the highest performance of any distributed ledger protocol. It’s best suited for high-volume tasks with low latency, such as exchanges, payment platforms, and games.

4. Neucoin

Neucoin is a quick, efficient and secure way to send money anywhere with just one click of a button. It is issued on the Bitcoin blockchain.

5. Loom Network

The Loom Network is a platform for building highly scalable DApps with Ethereum, off-chain transactions, and DPoS algorithms. Loom Network is backed by many big players in the blockchain world.

6. dHedge

dHEDGE is a platform built on Ethereum that offers social asset management. It allows users to hold and trade assets using different protocols, allowing for liquidity across Ethereum, Polygon and Optimism.

7. Intercoin

This community-led enterprise aims to be an open-source infrastructure for communities and local governments to release and manage their own currency to increase equality.

8. Luno Expeditions

Luno Expeditions will help the best fintech and crypto/web3 founders build the next generation of financial services.

9. Pyypl

Pyypl is an online payment service that offers blockchain transactions to cryptocurrency investors. It aims to serve the 600 million people in the Middle East and Africa unbanked or unserved by traditional banks.

10. JustCarbon

JustCarbon is a blockchain-based marketplace where people can buy tokens to alleviate their carbon emissions. One token equates to one tonne of carbon removed from the atmosphere, verified with the highest international standards.

11. Minima

Minima has developed a next-generation blockchain platform for mobile devices. The protocol is entirely decentralized and allows every user to run their own node. It also has over 32,000 nodes in 128 countries which have hit the ground running.

12. XRP (XRP)

XRP is a digital currency and payment processing company. It facilitates exchanges between different currencies, including fiat and other major cryptocurrencies.

13. Cardano

Cardano is a newer addition to the crypto scene and it’s notable for its use of proof-of-stake validation. This quickens transactions, decreases energy usage and lowers environmental impact by removing competition.

14. Avalance

Avalanche is blockchain software that creates and executes smart contracts with a native token. It is rapidly growing because of low gas fees and fast transaction processing speeds.

15. Binance Coin

You can use the Binance coin to trade, process payments, and book travel arrangements. You can also trade the Binance coin with Ethereum and Bitcoin.

16. USD Coin (USDC)

USDC is a stablecoin backed by US dollars. It’s powered by Ethereum and can be used to complete transactions in the easiest way possible.

17. Terra

Terra is a payment platform that pairs Terra-backed stablecoins with Luna, which powers the Terra platform and mints more Terra stablecoins.

18. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is a cryptocurrency exchange that deals in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, as well as gold and stocks. This company is valued at $1 billion and operates in Europe.

19. Netki

Netki is a company that provides tools for blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. They are a decentralized identity management platform. This means that it gives clients the ability to use digital wallet addresses and private keys anywhere. The company’s vision is to make blockchain simple.

20. Stox

Stox is one of the few cognitive cryptocurrency projects operating on the Ethereum platform. The platform allows users to predict future events on Stox’s prediction market platform, making predictions on anything from sports games to economic indicators like GDP.


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